Etch Cream

Get Creative and start Frosting Glass with Etch Cream

Etch-cream is paste, designed to etch vertically at 90 degree.

Etch Gel

Is larger surface stopping you from being Creative!

Now Start Etching on larger areas using the Etch Gel

Etch Lotion

Now Frosting Curvy surface is easy

Etch-Lotion which is liquid, intended for frosting round objects like perfume bottles, bulbs, spray bottles .

Etch Powder

Etch powder is for large area,
widely use for office purpose.

Office Window

Glass Doors

Etch Hobby Kit

Hobby Kit for Your Frosting Creativity

Is Etching your Hobby? If yes then make your hobby for etching and frosting come true with our Etch Hobby Kit.

Etch Stencils

Etch Stencils are different types of stencils used for etching process. We have multiple stencils for all the available options. Ganesha, Om symbol, flowers, petals, Names of people are possible stencils with us.

Prevent Car-Theft

Want to prevent your Car from the thieves?

Have you tried chaining your car, putting lock to it …etc. Do you want more better way to secure your car, then you are the right place.

Welcome to Etch All

We are backed by 40 years of experience & founder of m/s Neel chem India Mr.Arvind Vora M.S. (USA) a fine technocrat in the chemical field of production, R&D and Consultation.We have developed innovative products and unique methods in glass etching industries, we are manufacturing fast acting etching chemical and are designed as per the applications as under


We have all that you require for your Etch needs! Browse from the entire products list for your etching & frosting, be it your hobby or professional service we can provide you with everything to address your Glass Etching. Happy browsing with us!

Etch Cream

Etch Cream

Etch-cream is paste, designed to etch vertically at 90 degree.

Etch Gel

Etch Gel

Etch-gel is semi-liquid. Designed to etch more area at once..

Etch Lotion

Etch Lotion

Etch-lotion is liquid, designed to give silky frost effect.

Etch Powder

Etch Powder

Etch-powder is fine powder to dissolve in water, before use.

Etch Cream
Etch Gel
Etch Lotion
Prevent Car Theft

“It is well proven that this is the best new idea to etch with lots of ease and less efforts. No more sand blasting, using no fuming acids, no waxing or no wax boundary on glass edges !!! This product saves you time, effort and a lot of money. Nothing could be easier then this product!!!”

Glass etching is a beautiful art and elegant method of creating a graphic design on the surface of smooth piece of glass. Just as important, it is permanent and will never come off.

Our products are used in following areas

As a Business

Glass etching also makes an excellent hobby for anyone wanting a creative outlet. The idea that an individual, with a minimum investment in equipment and training, can make beautiful etched and carved glass, It is a new one.

Architectural Products

For Windows, doors or whole entryways in homes,restaurants, hotels, office buildings, banks, airports, government buildings . . . well, you get the idea!

Interior decoration products

Cabinet doors, table tops from dining tables to end tables, room dividers, booth dividers in restaurants, decorative glass for home, office, restaurants and many more ….etc.

Awards, corporate gifts and promotional products

Glassware like glasses, mugs, decanters, carafes, vases, bowls; paperweights, crystal and regular glass sculptures and glass blanks especially created for the purpose of recognizing achievement or expressing appreciation.


Almost any glass item found in any gift shop, department store or import shop can be etched. You can create your own line of etched gifts for any specialty shop with standard glass items and custom designs


Almost any interior sign in any mall, restaurant, hotel, office building, government building, airport, etc. can be etched glass. Etched and carved glass signs are frequently combined with elegant artistic designs



I would strongly recommend people to etch their wind screens with the vehicle identification number. It definitely acts as a deterrent. And compared to the cost
of the car, the price of getting it done is virtually nothing.

Manu Bharadwaj

GoIndustry Quippo Valuers & Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd.
(JV Between Goindustry-Dovebid & Quippo Group)


Well, I am getting a varied response, but one thing is sure that this numbers get noted easily when anyone looks at the car. Most of them are under the impression that this has been done by machine or engraving, when I tell them they are really surprised.


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